Personal Statement

Self Portrait Essaoiura 2011

Self Portrait Essaouira 2011

"La bête noire de Saussure c'était l’arbitraire  (du signe)"
                                             Roland Barthes
"We who are homeless (...) how could we be 
at home in this today? we feel disfavour for
all ideals that might lead one to feel  at
home even in this fragile, broken time of
transition; as for "realities", we do not 
believe that they will last".
                          Friedrich Nietzsche
“The starting–point of critical elaboration 
is the consciousness of what one really is,
as a product of the historical process to 
date, which has deposited in you an infinity
of traces, without leaving an inventory”
                             Antonio Gramsci

The awareness of our awareness 
(the double, the second degree) 
is our source of strength and our torment.
                           Edouard Glissant