“People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them”

                                                                       James Baldwin                                                                              

Alexia Clorinda is an art historian, photographer and independent researcher.

Brought up in Italy, she lived and worked in France, Spain, Morocco, Oman, Cuba, Haiti, Senegal and Congo and she’s mainly based in London.

Her vision questions historically and anthropologically the instability of identity, its hermeneutics and ideological  construction  from a diasporic, interdisciplinary and post-colonial perspective, challeging and transcending ethnicity and nationality.

She’s currently focusing on movements of resistance in the plantation’s society, while articulating her lecture’s activity internationally in academic and underground contexts.

Her last interventions include The body’s reasons at the DakArt Biennal in Senegal, Artistic Nomadism  at the Rencontres International d’Art Contemporain of Brazzaville  ( and Ritual and counterpower at the  Institute for Advanced Studies  of Paris (